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Finding the right candidate is vital to your success

Our specialist team are lucky to have worked with a wide range of clients in the industry, gaining a holistic view of the whole care sector.

We have a wide range of clients throughout the UK, from small newly established organisations in healthcare sector, independent operators to large multinational organisations that lead the way in research & development. All of which are well established in their fields and understand the importance of investing in talent acquisition. At Frances Montgomery we also believe that working with ‘non for profit’ organisations gives us a real advantage to align our business with the most ethical companies in the country.

Here at Frances Montgomery we understand getting the right staff on board can have a very positive impact on the business, that is why we are constantly networking with the highest caliber candidates. The biggest overhead for most companies is the staffing costs, that is why at Frances Montgomery we reward you for loyalty and have many recruitment options.

Call the team today on 0800 2922 007 for a no obligation quote.

“I decided to use Frances Montgomery exclusively for our group after receiving exceptional service. They always listen to what we need and deliver quality staff, I highly recommend this recruitment company above others on the market.“

Harry Surdhar
Managing Director
Excellent Care Homes

Mission Statement:

As leading specialists in healthcare recruitment, our mission is to offer something different from all other recruitment agencies on the market.

It is easy to find a company who will provide an out sourcing of recruitment which can fill an immediate need within your organisation but it’s a lot harder to find a company that understands your business and wants to help it grow from strength to strength.

Frances Montgomery will be that company.

Registered Address:

15A Hall Gate
South Yorkshire